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Encapsulation, Smoothies, Tincture, Salve, & Cord Keepsake.

Placentas are handled with care; from the moment of pickup to dropoff.

  • I believe love & respect are the basis to processing placentas. 

Prayer is involved throughout my process, as well as, Ca Food Safety & Handling Standards.

Dropoff takes place within 72 hours from Birth. 

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Raw: $150

This method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation, skips the steaming process all together & is set for dehydration while still "RAW". Some people choose this method because they are raw food activists and believe the cooking or steaming process destroys some of the nutrients. 

During this COVID-19 Pandemic: Raw method will be started after a 14-day quarantine of the placenta in a Freezer.

*One Benefit: provides a higher number of capsules as there is no shrinkage from the steaming process. Which is why it's also called the "High Yield Method", & is more commonly chosen.


TCM: $150

This method of preparing for encapsulation, involves steaming the placenta gently with herbs. **Recommended for GBS+ & other infections contracted during pregnancy.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic: TCM method can be started ASAP.

I use Ginger, Lemon, & can add Jalapeños by request. Putting the herbs in the steaming process is thought to bring out the placenta's natural healing properties.

  • Lemon is thought of as an Antiseptic & helps to distribute the Placenta throughout the body.

  • Ginger is a warming, soothing herb, & specifically acts as a facilitator for energy & proper circulation.

  • Jalapeños are considered tonifying for people who tend to be: Cold, Sluggish, or Phlegmy. *Spicy peppers can encourage digestion and increase Metabolism.

Just like anything cooked, may cause some nutrient loss & shrink placenta. *Yields less capsules than Raw method.



A small thumbnail portion of raw placenta is easily blended in with any smoothie recipe. 

*Mothers note that the taste  is unnoticeable.

  • Homebirths: A smoothie made the day of prepping can be prepared & given.

  • Birth Center/Hospital births: Prepping is available for placentas released within 48hrs after birth.

About 14 pieces are individually prepared, wrapped, and stored for use.

  • Yields enough for 2 smoothies/Day for the 1st Week.

Benefits of this method:

  1. Natural Remedy for Postpartum Bleeding

  2. Rapid replacement of hormones, nutrients, & iron for Optimal Postpartum Wellness.


4oz: $30

Meant for: Energy, Transition, Stress, and Hormonal stabilization.

Great for returning:

  • Menstrual cycle

  • Menopause

  • Puberty

*Female lineage may consume tincture, as well as, babies 6+months; for Teething & Transition.

Tincuture is made with thumbnail size piece of Raw placenta & 80+ Proof 100% Grain alcohol, aged for 6 weeks postpartum, then strained. 

*Stored in a 4oz dropper bottle.



The Placenta salve is used to heal Cesarean incisions after the wound is closed. 

  • Shown to lessen scarring

  • Decrease itching & discomfort

*Can be used, starting Day 3 postpartum


  • Hemorrhoids

  • Tears

  • Diaper Rash

  • Eczema

  • Sun Burns

~Not recommended for those with skin allergies.


  1. Placenta Salve

  2. W/o Placenta Salve



The Cord is separated along with the membranes, from the rest of the placenta. It is dehydrated Raw, in a heart figure, & returned in a protective baggie or inside a frame with Placenta print, only on request!

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