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San Diego County Based

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As you begin this exciting adventure, Mayahuel Doula will be by your side every step of the way. My mission is to support women and families throughout pregnancy, birth and the first stages of parenthood. With nurturing guidance, educational tools and hands-on assistance, I guarantee that you’ll have comprehensive and personalized attention and care.

Research shows that no matter where or how a woman gives birth, doulas help make that experience a more positive one.

A doula recognizes that the birthing process and postpartum can be overwhelming, and is committed to making the experience as positive and empowering as possible. By providing support and guidance during pregnancy, birth and the first stages of parenthood, doulas help mothers and families in welcoming their new babies into the world.

Providing Trauma-informed care is a big focus of mine; reducing trauma response and healing, to better prevent causing trauma unto the next generation.

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Newborn Baby

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is deciding to forever have your heart go walk around outside of your body.

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Doula & Student Midwife

Since the age of 9, I knew of my dedication & passion for supporting birthing families. I spent most of my upbringing, planning and working towards a future in medicine; until my last year of undergraduate studies, where I became a support person for those dealing with loss. The experience changed my understanding of support, which created a yearning for another route to support families as a care provider.

Originally from Fort Bragg, Mendocino, California, I had started my voyage there as a Medical Assistant in 2014 working in OB & Pediatrics departments. Learning about the immense desire of care providers that spoke spanish and identified BIPOC, I later chose to enhance my skills and was promoted to working as a Medical Scribe & Community Doula for a year while I actively applied to midwifery schools. As of October 2017, I was accepted at Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in San Diego, California and began apprenticing with a few of the community midwives. Currently, I work under the supervision of a California License at Acorn Community Birth & Wellness Center and take no more than 2 doula clients a month.

I wish to continue offering trauma informed care, whether it's a well-person or birth-related experience. I strongly feel that all families, individuals should be allowed space to have autonomy over their bodies and their healing process. 

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If you're expecting and looking for alternative care, get in touch today! After submitting an inquiry, you should expect a response within 72 hours to set up a complimentary interview through zoom or in person, depending on personal preference.

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Anel supported me with my first birth which was about 36 hours long and she stayed by my side the whole time. She guided my partner with ways he could support me during the process as well. Anel advocated for my needs and explained things to me in a way that I could understand. She didn’t leave me until my son was born and she even came back to the hospital after getting a little food and rest to see how we were all doing. Anel was available for support during pregnancy, throughout my labor and postpartum. Anel is an amazing person to have by your side during the birthing process

Christin Hunter

adrianne and maggie.jpg

Anel assisted me with my second birth. After having a intense 36 hour labor with my first child I was nervous going into my second. Luck was on my side that day. I gave birth in a birthing tub and from first contraction to last push was under 6 hours. I believe this time was different from the last because of my mindset. I had practiced positive affirmations and many relaxation techniques. Anel had visited, coached and educated me more about the birthing process prior to my labor. I felt more confident about everything!
During labor she was the calmest presence. She rubbed and massaged all parts of my body. She did everything right without having to verbalize anything to her (which is pretty hard to do with major contractions). With her remaining calm and not asking any questions it was easy to stay relaxed. There was very little communication between us but she read my body language perfectly.
If I were to have a third child I'd definitely have Anel at my side again. I understand that all births are different, some easier, some harder, but my experience with her was amazing! I got to experience pre, during and post birth with her. All three phases were educational for both of us. After having post partum depression with my first child it was nice to have someone checking in on me from time to time to make sure I was emotionally stable.
Thank you Anel for such the wonderful experience!

Adrianne Bishop


Anel supported me throughout my 41 week pregnancy as a doula/midwife-in-training. Her presence gives off an energy of love, support, tenderness and tranquility. At every appointment, she greeted me with a smile and an embrace. She always asked first before touching me or my baby. Anel provided a listening ear when I needed and motivational talk when I was feeling scared. Her sense of true happiness for me and encouragement helped me find my strength for a home birth. Anel was also there to help immediately after birth to attend to my needs as well as my newborn's. She stayed for 4 hours after I gave birth! Always showing me care and love. If I have another child, I wouldn't hesitate to have Anel with us in the journey!

Christine Benton


"Anel was a God send in a time of need..."

Vanessa Klein


I just had a very loving, informative, and guided well woman visit.

Anel performed the most gentle Pap smear experience I've had to date.

Marhait Benson

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Birth Matters, and I believe the way a child is brought into the world has an important impact on the rest of life. Helping with that transition is an honor.

-Anji A. Hinman, CNM

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